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This information is intended for acts interested in playing at the venues or events organised by Kontra Roots. Contact Kev Buxton and include relevant web links, or let us know if you’d prefer to send a demo CD and we’ll give you a postal address.


We recommend you read the information about the club at the bottom of the Kontra Roots Club page. Kontra is widely regarded as one of the finest acoustic roots showcases in the UK, has a fantastic reputation, and consequently the standard is extremely high. Despite the fact that the club is non-profit making and we pay no artist fees (just expenses towards petrol) we attract the best as performers are assured a good, knowledgeable, listening audience (averaging between 35-40), top class sound, and a wonderful atmosphere. Even we have an occasional quiet night of course, but these are comparatively rare. I’m afraid our shoestring budget means that we can’t offer complimentary food and drink, but if you’re travelling from afar and require overnight accommodation this can usually be arranged if you give us notice.


Run along similar lines to Kontra Roots Club, please see the Rooftop Arts page for further information. I'm afraid an extrmemly tight budget means there are no fees but we do "pass the bucket" for contributions to artist expenses, and there is complimentary food and drink as well as a very friendly atmosphere.


These are our two fee paying small concert venues and acts wishing to perform at them should have either some national recognition within their genre or a strong local following, plus proven ability to attract an audience. We host only four concerts a year at Cottage Concerts, with just five or six at the Old Forge, and as a consequence both venues are booked up far in advance with long waiting lists. Acts should be aware that though Kontra organises these events, booking decisions are made jointly with the venues and we cannot always guarantee that our recommendations will be accepted (though they usually are).     

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